march matchbox madness!

The results are in!

With 274 entries and 822 photos submitted into the March Matchbox Madness competition, let me just say that it was incredibly hard to decide the winners!  There were so many great entries that judging was incredibly hard!  As a result I have ended up extending the prizes.  As well as the cash and pinhole cameras going to the top five winners, the next 20 people will each receive a pack of roll film to keep you going out there and taking photos!

The Top 5 Winners:

1st:  Jason Fitzpatrick (England)

2nd:  Bella Rochester (England)

3rd:  Ahmet Sinh (USA)

4th:  Andrew O’Connell (USA)

5th:  Jia Yudan (Hong Kong)


The next people will receive 3 rolls of film of their choice:

Helene Barrette (Canada)

Anna Cahill (Australia)

Christine Davis (USA)

Shaun Davis (England)

Jasmine Donchi (USA)

J Golding (USA)

Tatsuo Harisuki (Japan)

Song Pol Ives (Australia)

Rita Kowalski (USA)

Lambert Lee (USA)

Chen Li Kao (Hong Kong)

Joel Lin (Australia)

Andrew McDougall (England)

Nicholas Mouchel (France)

Duong Po Phuc (USA)

Rebecca Ramotowski (USA)

Jacek Slonem (USA)

Laetitia Stephens (New Zealand)

Talitha Stewart (England)

Jaime Whitman (Australia)


I sincerely apologies for the posting of the late results for this competition, I am truly amazed at the creativity and vision that has been shown by everyone!  Selecting the finalists has been one of the hardest things to, and over the next few weeks, all the winning entries will be uploaded so that everyone can have a look!

To Kick things Off will be running a mini competition for matchbox pinholers only!  Cost of entry is only AUD$10, with AUD$7 contributing to the cash prize total for this mini competition.  Top 5 places paid, with each winner also receiving a handmade wooden 24x72mm wide format 35mm pinhole camera.

This competition is running separately to the main contest.

The Terms and Conditions for the mini competition are as follows:

Terms and Conditions

1: This mini Photographic Competition is being held by old(film)school (Australian Business Number 80 950 030981).

2:  Entrants in the 2014 March Matchbox Madness can be of any age and of any country.


a:  Entrants will retain copyright in/of their photograph.

b:  Each entrant grants old(film)school a non-exclusive perpetual license to use photographic images to promote the March Matchbox Madness including (without limitation) its digital form on its website “” and “Pinhole Photo Contest” flickr page.  The will credit the photograph source.

c:  old(film)school will endeavour to prevent un-authorized reproduction of the image, but is not liable for any such reproduction.

d: old(film)school will not on-sell any photograph for commercial purposes, but will endeavour to direct potential buyers to the photograph owner commission-free.

e:  Each entrant grants old(film)school permission to produce a souvenir edition photo book of the winning photographs available for purchase, at cost, limited to only entrants and sponsors.  old(film)school will not profit from this production.

4:  Only three images can be submitted per entry.  There are no limits to the amount of times you can enter.

5:  All submitted images must solely be the work of the entrant.

6:  Entry opens from 12.01am AEST 1st March 2014 and the final date of entry to the mini competition is 11.59pm AEST 28th March 2014.  All photographs have to be submitted by 11.59pm AEST 31st March 2014.  All photographs submitted afterwards will be voided and entry fee will be forfeited.

7:  The requirements for each submission is as follows:

a:  This is an analogue photographic competition.  All Submissions MUST be created using traditional analogue mediums.  All submissions MUST be captured with a matchbox pinhole camera using 35mm film.

b:  Black and White, Colour, Cross Processed, Red scale and Infrared are the only acceptable types of images to be submitted.

c:  Any photographs captured using converted digital or analogue cameras will be automatically voided and the entry fee forfeited.

d:  Digitally altering an image is limited to dodging and burning and adjusting tonal range.

e:  All submitted images must be named.

f:  All three images must be submitted together within the one email per entry.  Images must be scanned in JPEG form and each image can be no larger than 6mb in size.  Once submitted, no further changes can be made.

g:  A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours of receiving submission.

7:  Judging will take place between 12.01am AEST 1st April 2014 until 11.59pm AEST 4th April 2014.

8:  Jeffrey Milnes will be Judging the competition.  The Judges’ decisions are final.  No negotiation or correspondence is permitted.  Any breach of these conditions and entry will be voided and entry fee forfeited.

9:  old(film)school and its employees, friends and relatives are forbidden to enter the mini competition.

10:  Winners will be contacted by email on 5th April 2014, results will be published on website and on twitter by 8pm AEST 5th April 2014.

11:  Entry into the March Matchbox Madness is AUD$10, payable only through PayPal (this is to ensure maximum protection for everybody).

12:  An entrant can enter the contest an unlimited number of times, at a cost of AUD$10 per entry, but is still limited to only three images per entry.

13:  AUD$7 of the entry fee goes towards the cash prize pool.  The photographs taken can be of any subject matter.  AUD$3 will be used to cover the cost of administration and pinhole cameras awarded as part of the prize.

14:  Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 winners as a percentage:

1st:  50%

2nd:  25%

3rd:  15%

4th and 5th:  5% each

16:  The winners will have funds transferred directly into their bank accounts.  The cost of postage for the pinhole cameras will be covered by old(film)school.  old(film)school will not be liable for any taxes, duties or transaction fees associated with the prize money or the transference there-of.  They are the sole responsibility of the individual.

By clicking on the Buy Now button, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

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